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Sun Salutations
19 March 2012

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omid on Me Facing Sun
so beautiful!

omid on Me
woooow! very nice & beautiful!!!!!

Christian Richer on Me Facing Sun
Very nice wheat field! I would like to go on holiday ... ;-)

omid on Sun Salutations
very nice & beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amerlina on Listen..
funny name =))

Amerlina on Anna at John Lennon's Wall
5* i love these colors !!!

Amerlina on Hansel and Gretel
dreamful :)

DowsherVision on Home
Great composition !

kiwisa on Mizpe Ramon
Beautifully composed and a wonderful pov looking over the vast desert.

The#1AcePhotog on Sunset in Mizpe Ramon
I love the starkness of this landscape

guillaume on Sunset in Mizpe Ramon
desertic atmosphere !

The#1AcePhotog on Prayer
What a famtastic pic. Great job!

The#1AcePhotog on De-frosting
Beautiful portrait

The#1AcePhotog on Before Concert
Great story photo--setting up before the concert. Great capture

Boyet Codas on De-frosting
I love the light on her shoulder. Beautiful portrait.

Melissa on Hansel and Gretel
So surreal........light by Mother Nature is amazing.

Melissa on Houska Window
Beautifully simple.

Melissa on Bezdez Castle Waking
Great angle. I love "sun shots" too.

DowsherVision on Bezdez Castle Waking
great PoV, well done.

Cathy on Sweet Bohemian Dumplings
Très alléchant ? j'arrive...

Larry Lefever on Sweet Bohemian Dumplings
Surely he'll share if I ask nicely!

Olivier on Gypsy House
Colors of the south...superb light for this picture!

Shahryar on Summer Rain
so beautiful :)

Vert Pomme on Summer Rain
J'adore cette perspective.

Becky on Summer Rain
Great! A fresh summers rain! Beautiful - love the pov -

Amygdala on Summer Rain
Interesting geometry. Nice shot!

Larry Lefever on Houska Window
Gorgeous vignette! Such wonderful light.

Becky on Houska Window
What a beautiful little scene this is. Lovely.

Leanne on Houska Window
love the details.

Nat on Colorful World

Eduardo on Colorful World
Beautiful colours and contrast. I like it very much!

MARIANA on Colorful World
unbelievable beauty !

MARIANA on Painted Hillls, OR
omg, cannot believe something pretty can exist !

Sonia Nansid on Colorful World

Larry Lefever on Colorful World
Man trying to tame nature. Great shot, from the horizontal irrigation pipe, to the green tractor, and the red cliffs ...

studio17a on My favorite Latte, Seattle
NIce shot, very sharp and good color, good composition too.

Larry Lefever on My favorite Latte, Seattle
Delicious. Both the photo and the subject.

Barbara on My favorite Latte, Seattle
Perfection, talented Barista.

Larry Lefever on Future Uncovered
Perfect light for these beautiful colors. Very nicely done.

Marie LC on Port of Seattle
J'aime beaucoup

Sylvie49 capture image on Port of Seattle
Ils sont jolis ces gros bateaux. Belle photo.

Véro on Hansel and Gretel
excellente lumière !

Larry Lefever on Up or Down
Whoa! Had to grab the arms of my chair. Great view.

Paul on The Tail
What a great landscape well captured

Larry Lefever on A Peek..
Beautiful series, Luc. What a great place to explore.

DarkElf on Bridge
fabulous, fantasy like scene with good composition and wonderfully vivid greens - wonderful capture!

France on Bridge
Wouha. Great shot and very nice landscape.

Hamid Rafiee on Bridge
great landscape.

Xerophytes on Bridge
Amazing shot. Paradise like!

DarkElf on Moss
interesting composition and great detail!

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